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The new Brucklyn quarter in Erlangen-Bruck is home to a special style of working and living. This is where people who have high aspirations for themselves and their lifestyles live, reside, work and connect both professionally and privately. Brucklyn – The place to B.

The new Brucklyn quarter in Erlangen-Bruck is home to a special style of working and living. This is where people who have high aspirations for themselves and their lifestyles live, reside, work and connect both professionally and privately. Brucklyn – The place to B.


The 21,000m² (rented space) quarter will include six buildings grouped around a spacious plaza. Featuring pioneering residential concepts, coworking and office facilities as well as restaurants and retail outlets, they serve the modern working habits and lifestyles of ambitious people.

Brucklyn Hall Coworking in Erlangen: Außenfassade der denkmalgeschützten Scheinwerferhalle

Brucklyn Hall Coworking

The historic searchlight production facility BRUCKLYN HALL is the new prestigious coworking address in Erlangen. Markus Benesch, the award-winning star designer, has transformed it into a spectacular office landscape equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It is a venue for start-ups, freelancers, small and young companies, satellite teams and consultants to work on their business projects with networking opportunities and a great deal of flexibility. The premium service-orientation in BRUCKLYN HALL Coworking will allow its occupants to work in a more concentrated, creative and successful manner.

Available for rental are Plug & Work Desks, Own Desks or Private Offices as well as meeting and event spaces. In any case, it provides a prestigious company base, which is especially good for newly founded firms and start-ups.

Talks and presentations are on offer, which often are open to people from outside. One special service offered to tenants involves in-house coaching sessions in legal and tax matters during the start-up phase.

BRUCKLYN HALL Coworking will also house a spacious supermarket for the quarter and the neighbourhood.

A compact summary of all the information on BRUCKLYN HALL Coworking is available in our Brochure to download.

The Brucklyn Apartments Erlangen: möblierte Lifestyle-Apartements im Quartier Brucklyn zum Wohnen auf Zeit

The Brucklyn Apartments

The lifestyle apartments in THE BRUCKLYN are primarily rented by students and professionals from the surrounding firms but also by people connected with the university and business on a temporary stay in the area. The fixtures and fittings of the apartments with balcony or terrace are of particularly high quality and display great attention to detail. They contain an ultra-modern kitchenette, an exclusive shower bath, fast Internet and smart home systems. Tenants additionally benefit from many unusual in-house lifestyle extras: a gym bathed in natural light with spa area, a luxurious sauna, a rooftop terrace with outdoor pool, a football and basketball court, a private library, a design community kitchen and a cinema. (www.the-brucklyn.de/en)

The entire indoor architecture is defined by the exceptional and brightly coloured design of rooms and furniture and the mostly tailor-made pioneering premium products made from especially high-quality materials.

A bistro in THE BRUCKLYN is planned.


The coming years will see the development of a high-quality boarding house/hotel intended for stays over the medium and long term. Also scheduled is the FACTORY, which will offer large office and laboratory spaces for start-ups. Rounding off the quarter will be dwellings, restaurants, bistros and a children’s daycare facility in the building called LIVING.

Quartier Brucklyn Logo


A new and unique work and lifestyle concept is to be realized through the BRUCKLYN quarter within the district of Erlangen-Bruck. It is intended for people who have high aspirations of themselves, their lives and the way in which they reside, live and work. Included in this concept are inspiring residential, working and community spaces of premium quality and with a good design, a premium level of accompanying services for both private and professional life, a high degree of networking amongst the occupants, short routes and flexible mobility. And of course a genuine sustainability concept.

Jürgen Jost

Founder and Managing Director Jost Unternehmensgruppe

“Our tenants place the highest demands on themselves and on how they reside, live and work. We offer our premium range of services at highly attractive academic and commercial locations to cater for this innovative, environmentally aware, connected working pattern and lifestyle. This future-shaping real estate concept has been proving its worth for years and undergoes further optimization with each project.”

Straße mit Menschen in der Stadt Erlangen

Locational benefits of Erlangen

Erlangen is a growing commercial and academic location. As a patent centre, Erlangen attracts both national and international inventive minds. Awarded second place for innovation in the Reuters ranking, Friedrich-Alexander-University appeals to up-and-coming young students with high aspirations. It is a place where many innovations arise that lead on to companies and start-ups. Furthermore, many young professionals, temporary employees and consultants live here and work in the large companies nearby such as Framatome, Siemens and Siemens Campus, Adidas, Puma and Schaeffler.


A district with perfect transport connections: 200 m to the urban rail station, 5 minutes to the centre, 1 km to the motorway, 20 minutes to Nuremberg.  Branches of top companies such as Framatome, Siemens, Adidas, Puma and Schaeffler are located in the vicinity.

Quartier Brucklyn Erlangen: Auszeichnung für Nachhaltigkeit mit dem Handelsblatt Energy Awards 2017


The aim of the quarter is to achieve maximum comfort for its users with minimum energy input.

Innovative energy generation systems that interact in a cross-quarter, sector-linked overall energy concept guarantee minimum CO2 emissions. High-quality insulating materials minimize the heat requirements of the energy-optimized buildings, some of which exhibit compliance with the KfW40 standard. The transfer of heating and cooling takes place in the living areas via concrete core cooling, which provides a very comfortable room climate in summer and in winter. Via a smart home sytem the residents have an easy means of adapting all functions affecting the technical aspects and room climate to their needs. In addition, the resources are exploited to the optimum. Heating, cooling and electricity are produced and stored locally within the neighbourhood in an energy centre via cogeneration. To supplement this, there are photovoltaic units on all roofs and a geothermal probe for regenerative heating and cooling. In summer, an absorption process transforms heat into sustainable cooling. The energy is distributed in an optimum manner via a local heating-, power- and data network. The integrated storage units balance out the load variations and coordinate demand and generation with each other to an optimum extent. As a global first, it is planned to deploy a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) as a storage unit within the quarter, which will enable energy to be stored for a long period without losses. Incorporation of the electrical and data technology functions for e-mobility into this multisector system will activate additional potential for savings.

For this innovative and visionary energy concept, the BRUCKLYN neighbourhood received the Handelsblatt Energy Award 2017 in the category of Smart Infrastructure.


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