Brucklyn Hall Coworking welcomes T3 as new tenant

Brucklyn Hall Coworking: new tenant T3

T3 is a provider of smart information and learning solutions with which companies can develop their technical communications and training of specialists into a smart knowledge ecosystem. In order to guide its own world of work into the future, T3 is relying on New Work.

“Combined with the move into what is probably the most innovative coworking quarter in southern Germany, T3 is consistently pursuing the transformation in terms of both mindset and premises. As knowledge workers, we need little more than our brains and our computers”, points out T3 Managing Director Cornelia Mockwitz. Thanks to the range of services offered by Brucklyn Hall, we can now concentrate fully on our work and on our customers.

This is what T3 has to say on the Arrival in tomorrow’s world of work.

The Brucklyn Hall Team looks forward to its new tenant in the coworking space and wishes them every success.