Erlangen: City council and Jost Energy AG sign Erlangen climate alliance

On Tuedsay. 25 June, Jürgen Jost, CEO of Jost Energy AG, and Mayor Florian Janik signed the agreement for the Erlangen climate alliance.

Jost Energy AG CEO Jürgen Jost and Florian Janik, Mayor of Erlangen, sign the Erlangen climate alliance

The signing ceremony took place as part of the technology workshop “open district hub”, managed by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Munich. Among those also taking part is the Fraunhofer-Institut in Erlangen in connection with the topic of hydrogen storage. Within the agreements of the Erlangen climate alliance, companies declare their willingness to proactively engage in local projects for climate protection, the energy transition and sustainability in Erlangen.

Through “Brucklyn”, Jost Energy AG is implementing an innovation quarter with mixed usage. Energy consumption there is minimized by systematic thermal insulation in winter and optimum solar protection in summer while energy-saving effects are achieved through the use of innovative energy generation-, storage- and distribution technologies.

(Source: 21 June 2019, this content was prepared by Erlangen city council)